Plan, position, and move your cards like never before. Master the dynamic grids of Neverrift!

Neverrift combines the collectibility and deck building strategy of a TCG with the tactical positioning and movement of a board game!

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The Ultimate Hybrid Experience

Neverrift is a trading card game that feels and can be played like a board game:

- it combines board and card game features
- is easy-to-learn with hassle-free rules & cards
- available online & offline
- has profound & multifaceted gameplay

Master the Dynamic Grids. Plan, position, and move your cards like never before.


Play on changing grids that revolutionize your strategy. 


Every move counts, every choice reshapes the game.


Unleash a new dimension of strategy!

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Enjoy hassle-free cards and easy-to-learn rules

Understandable and easy rules, combined with short card texts and minimalistic card design make Neverrift easy and fast to learn. Yet adding the level of tactical positioning makes it hard to master!

Use your tamer to summon powerful creatures, mysterious places, mighty spell cards and fight in four directions!

Available online and offline = play whenever and wherever you want

Build cherished memories with friends and family from around the world: no matter if you meet in person to play with physical cards or digitally online – you can play Neverrift across the whole world at any time!

Gameplay for Every Pace

From quick battles to epic showdowns, choose grid sizes and durations that match your mood and group size. Whether you want a one-on-one ten minute game or an epic 60 minute four player PVP battle - Neverrift delivers!

Join the Neverrift revolution!

Whether you're a TCG master, a board game enthusiast, or a lover of all things strategic, this is your chance to reshape the rules and dominate the grid. Reserve your place now!